Invalid score after partial threading

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Opened on:Monday, February 13, 2012 - 17:22
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On puzzle 511 I opened a solution that was at 12292 and then loaded a lower solution (12262) as a guide for comparison. I threaded 4 segments from the guide and then wiggled it out, creating a score of 12313, but I still needed to resolve the cut points. After removing the cut points my score dropped down to 12150 and I was only able to get it back up in the 12260 range. Moments later the 12313 popped up on the board as my top score. I did an Undo/Restore highest score and it still showed the 12313 with a red line through it and still had the cut points. I've since evolved the original solution using different means and achieved a higher score, but at the time my registered score was more than 50 points higher than my actual score.

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It seems that the client would upload the score of a solution with cut points to the server when it's not supposed to...

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This should be fixed and in beta.


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