Another case of weird score behavior (wiggle backbone/all in selection tool)

Case number:671071-991826
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Opened by:Timo van der Laan
Opened on:Saturday, February 11, 2012 - 22:44
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Puzzle 511.
After a total rebuild I ended up with a score of about -17000.
WA 3, SA sliders on default, nothing banded or selected. CI 1.
Did a long shake, score jumped suddenly from about -10000 to 7 or 8000.
When it reached about 9810 I switched to wiggle sidechains until the score did not change much.
Then Wiggle backbone, score jumping up and down sometimes more than a few thousends of points.
The colour of the score also changed when it went down so much.
But still gaining points.
Again a shake, followed by Wiggle all.
Again weird behavior in the score.

Saved the version just after the rebuild. Name: After rebuild. Also shared it with my group.

Reconstructing it from the undo gave the same behavior.
Reconstructing it from the saved version DID NOT.

Hope this helps for finding the cause of the problems.

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I'm sorry I jumped on your previous post: .

I've been seeing my score drop during a long wiggle, -1000 or -10000 per second, AND KEEP GOING, but with no movement of the protein to the eye. It should be crumpled, or exploding, but not sitting there same as it started.

Mostly noticed at WA 7, SA 2, uncertain CI, o bands, in the final days of T-Cell.

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wouldnt it have been better to add these to this feedback:

so that all the problems are on one feedback?

or the one jflat did specially to keep track of the issues:

would make it easier for them to read everything that is in one place :)

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Followed your suggestion. Put it in 991740.


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