Chat Rules should be accessible from GUI

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Can we include a button near chat global to show our chat rules. It is very difficult to moderate, and most of the new people come from non-moderated chats. They just use capital letters and bad words because they are used to that. They do not mean to be unrespectful but that is what they have grown in. We have so many applicants per day, we do not want to lose them because we moderated them. We have to make the rules accessible.

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A quick way, you could copy and paste them and put them in your group/team forum.

Also perhaps do a mass mail to all your new group members.

Not ideal, but will at least give people an easier way to read them.

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Its good to remember that being kicked doesnt stop you from playing.
Also, being kicked is not being banned; most people can come back the next day and nothing will happen.

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Oh, you are referring to global chat, not group.

Global is a moderated chat, as are puzzle levels I believe.
There are approximately 11 moderators in Global. To cover all the time zones.
They do let any new players exhibiting undesirable behaviour know as to what is acceptable or not, in Global.

But having the guidelines in the game client would be a good idea.
(There will of course be those who wont read them)

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Maybe the chat guidelines should be "always" shown at the start of THE client (the one with the chat working) like the news are (once in a while). That way nobody can say they did not know!


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