Protein shifts out of display on 507: RosettaServer CASP ROLL Puzzle 2 Predictions

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I'm using foldit for MacOS. I've just run tlaloc Select Multistart on 507: RosettaServer CASP ROLL Puzzle 2 Predictions, and when it was finished, the protein suddenly disappeared. When I pressed Q to centralize, I realized it was shifted off of the screen. I don't know if it's got to with the script or if it's simply a minor bug; but I thought I should just let you know.

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Its quite normal.
A lot of players like the ability for protein to go off screen, as it reduces how much of the computer resources the game can use.

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You're right I do like that as well, but it also happens each time I reset the puzzle and I have to centralize and zoom all over again, that's why I found it a bit annoying.

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Use Q or HOME keys to center.
It is in puzzle setup, I hope it will be always checked b4 posting.


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