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Please remember that developing new wiki pages takes a great deal of work and time. Great wiki pages are not created in a single day or even 2 but can at times take conciderable effort from the people makeing a new page or set of interlinked pages. If a mistake is made then it should be corrected simply with respect to the author and with the minimun amount of change needed. The idea is to support players who are trying their very best to improve the wiki not just to censor and deleat whole paragraphs or pages that are not understood by others. Please respect the effort and work of other players as the wiki grows to include more information on all aspects of foldit and the game.

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slightly OT: small wiki editor bug

If the last thing on a wiki page is a link and you add a photo to the page the photo gets put "inside" the link code (inside the final close-square-bracket), which breaks the visual editor. You have to manually bring the photo code outside of the link code to get visual editing back.

Which I just did adding new pics to a bunch of amino acid pages (my bad). So in future after adding photos or other objects I should check visual editor still works.

Bug report to the wikia folks?

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gramps - thanks for the wiki bug report...

And thanks from the community for the work you've been doing in the wiki :-)

If you have any future wiki bugs, Marie would be the person to contact, she is the main wiki admin (and doing a great and thankless job of it!).


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