Cutpoints incorrectly placed in 501?

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Opened on:Thursday, January 5, 2012 - 20:32
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After resetting the puzzle (puzzle 501) to get to the start where segment 29-60 were unfrozen, the cutpoints weren't placed at the ends of the unfrozen segments. Instead they were placed between segment 56-57 and between segment 70-71 (possibly the ends of the unfrozen segments of another start?).

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Kicking priority up and adding link to picture that tokens posted in global:

I was unable to reproduce this.

Thanks for reporting, tokens!

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I've had this too, by going through each starting point, and saving it as an undo track. When going from a higher scoring starting position to a lower scoring starting position, and restoring best score, the cut points from the previous starting point were applied.

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I think it would be helpful if there was a way to label each start. Most of us are messing with several starts in different tracks and working with several starts on our screens at once - its easy to lose track of which you are looking at.

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Bump so that the devs will see this when they return from holidays

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It looks like the competitive solutions are still making use of this bug, so we'll have to take it down until we can resolve the situation. Any details on reproducing this bug would be welcome (I haven't been able to reproduce it yet).

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glaciall had just jumped in score and posted this as you pulled the puzzle:

Same area of the puzzle, but the cutpoint in a totally different place.

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I have posted a version of this puzzle into the developer preview.

I am having trouble reproducing this bug on my computer; if you have some time, it would be greatly appreciated if you could play with it and see if you can reproduce the bug (making sure to keep track of what steps you took to get the bug).

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Threading tool fixed, we can cut where we want.


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