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This puzzle is MULTISTART. It should be placed in puzzle name :)
Different starts have different places to work on.

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This puzzle has major bug

Please see the feedback here:

"After resetting the puzzle (puzzle 501) to get to the start where segment 29-60 were unfrozen, the cutpoints weren't placed at the ends of the unfrozen segments. Instead they were placed between segment 56-57 and between segment 70-71 (possibly the ends of the unfrozen segments of another start?)."

Picture that tokens posted in global:

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facts about the 10 starts

Name....... fr segs init score #free segs
----------- ------- ---------- --------
Structure 1 1-8 10386.843 8
Structure 2 4-22 10372.131 19
Structure 3 19-40 10317.355 22
Structure 4 29-60 10345.150 32
Structure 5 57-70 10423.635 14
Structure 6 64-80 10406.418 17
Structure 7 76-91 10389.112 16
Structure 8 85-100 10388.804 16
Structure 9 96-103 10394.065 8
Structure10 104-119 10420.255 16

To see which start you are working on, mouse-over+Tab the first and last free segments and compare with seg #s of the free segments in above table.

Hint: on resetting the puzzle start a new track so your efforts in different starts don't over-write each other. Be aware that if you are under 10421 in a track when you do a reset you may erase the work in **that** track as well, so don't reset from a low-scoring track with work you want to preserve.

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oops! 10424 not 10421

misread the table, of course the best start is structure 5 at 10423 so any track under 10424 is at risk on a reset

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