Chatting in the game sometimes causes a crash

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System: Windows 7

Yesterday it happened 3 times. The last time I could verify that the last line I was trying to send did not got through. The crash was immediately after the Enter.
I have switched to IRC chatting now (and disabled the chat boxes), and the game did not crash anymore.

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This also happened to me. What I can add is that I was undoubtedly disconnected from the server at the time. The game had been running just fine for hours but nobody had said anything and I typed "anybody there" and instant crash to desktop. This might have also been during your power outage, but I don't remember.

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This has happened to me a few times too, also Win7, and always after a long time with nothing showing in the game chat window. I've had it happen when I've been connected to IRC too, and the game chat window has been missing IRC chat, so I'm guessing the game was disconnected.

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That would also explain why recipes loading fails sometimes with the message that the game should be running. And the game is running.

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Reported many times... IRC disconnect bug :(

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