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499: CASP ROLL Puzzle 3 with Disulfides
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Disulfide bridges scored too low?

If disulfide bridges are considered important in this puzzle, then why are they scored with such small value?

I was able to make a structure with three solid C-C bonds, which I have worked to score only 8479. The three disulfides score six, six, and seven points, respectively. No player I have talked to has managed to get a disulfide scoring more than eight points.

My best score for this puzzle is 8514, some thirty-five points higher. This structure has no disulfides.

Is the scoring on this puzzle hosed? Or have some of the players been able to make decent secondary structures, and score even higher without the bonds?

If the secondary structure predictions show no helices or sheets, then what else is possibly holding this thing together, except for disulfide bridges?

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Maybe it just doesn't have that many disulfide bonds?

As you can see in Puzzle 503 (http://fold.it/portal/node/991538), the server predictions for this target have very few disulfide bonds as well (as did the top scoring solutions for this puzzle).

I definitely am looking forward to seeing what the native looks like for this one, watch there be only 1 Disulfide Bridge!

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