re new group script 'ST - Paint'

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Opened on:Monday, December 19, 2011 - 18:07
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When this script terminates, I see the message "terminates with items on stack - should be none". Script creator, Thom001, assures me this is a client bug. Sounds potentially serious, though

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uh, oops! not UW's problem ...

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RE: Public script 'ST - Paint'

re-oops! script is public recipe "ST - Paint (Lua v2)"

My bad, regret confusion

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oh, hopefully rileya will be able to figure this one out when school starts up again...

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This is simply a consequence of the "return nil" at the end of the script. The scripting system isn't expecting scripts to return values (there's currently no way of using a value returned from the end of a script, so it doesn't accomplish anything to do so). When the script exits, the return value (in this case nil) gets pushed onto the otherwise empty stack, and so the script runner sees an item on what it had expected to be an empty stack (which could be indicative of an actual error, but is not a real issue here).

Apart from the warning message, this does no harm, so the easy fix to stop the warning message would just be to not return values from scripts. Returning values from functions within the script is fine (as is exiting the script with a plain return statement), it's just exiting from the script itself by returning a value that's the issue here.


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