"Gallery Phase" ???

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Just came home to find my clients with a pop-up dialog box with "Your puzzle has been changed to Gallery Phase" or some such text.

What is this about?

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there was a glitch. It was fixed a few hours ago

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There should be a news item or blog entry, since someone decided that CLOSED feedback should be hidden by default.

FoldIt has to realize that there are people all over the globe running this, and they aren't going to see the feedback within minutes of it being posted.

Can we change the default behavior for feedback to SHOW ALL again?

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you can just bookmark http://fold.it/portal/feedback/all as your default page, B_2

The feedback is cluttered enough already so players had asked to make the default feedback show the un-resolved ones. Just view http://fold.it/portal/feedback/all from now on and you won't have this problem again.


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