Solution sharing: "Database error"

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Opened on:Friday, December 2, 2011 - 20:00
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I have encountered a problem when trying to upload my solution to the group database of solutions for puzzle 487 (CASP roll 1). When the "Upload For My Group" button is clicked, the name does not show up (instead being replaced by "") and an error message is returned (Error: database returned invalid result at time {time of refreshing shared solutions}). A long description is included in the solution attempted to be uploaded.

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My guesses:

1. Is the puzzle still open? The server won't let you upload anything for a closed puzzle.

2. This might be a "special characters" issue. Try removing any instances of apostrophes in the solution name and description and see if that helps.

3. Each player is limited to a certain number of uploaded solutions per puzzle. If the server won't let you upload more, try deleting one first.


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