479b downloading crash

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Opened on:Monday, November 28, 2011 - 16:07
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Ok, my first time to report a bug, hope I'm explaining this clearly. The beginner symmetry puzzle was recently re-released as 479b. Under Local Solutions I have all my old ones that I had downloaded for that puzzle originally. Under Shared I have one solution from a teammate. I can download and load the new one that is under shared. However...if I try to upload any solutions from the earlier puzzle from the Local to the Shared, it crashes. (tried this 3 times) I did try simply loading the highest scoring one on the Local Side, instead of downloading. SOMETHING loaded, but it wasn't what I selected. It was just my current evolver puzzle. I did click "restore very best", but then it just restored my attempt at evolving the one Shared solution that was just posted today. Nothing I can do seems to bring back my score on this puzzle (9617.182)

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hmmm...I was actually just able to get one of the Local Solutions which came from the first release of the puzzle to post without crashing. So I'm assuming these are supposed to be able to be retrieved.

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I'm sorry you are having trouble loading in your previous solutions, as you should be able to!
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