Evolver: Run AFK (Rebuild) calls to 'reset' and puzzle changes to Solo with loss of Evolved score

Case number:699969-991140
Opened by:bendbob
Opened on:Thursday, November 24, 2011 - 04:19
Last modified:Friday, November 25, 2011 - 07:24

1. Load a shared Evolve solution - I was on puzzle 482 (use something that can get 2 points so it evolves)
2. After you have gained 2 points, run the script AFK (Rebuild)
3. Note: when the AFK (Rebuild) script makes the puzzle into a De Novo style puzzle and begins to rebuild look at the Rank/Score and the Scoring section and it is now for Solo scores! I have not been able to regain entry to the Evolved puzzle and I was forced to begin the Evolving process again.

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You can not reset puzzle when you make evo :)

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That may be the case, but is it right for the software to penalize a user? Wouldn't it be preferred that the software not let the user do a reset while in Evo? Wouldn't it be preferred that the software not lose scores earned in Evo and also not trash the protein so it may not be recovered by the user?

These items are software errors not user errors. The code should protect users from these type of errors. The level of users is not all experienced pros that have read the code and know this or that will cause an error. Having to avoid something is not a good software design.

Again, the user base is offered software not ready for prime-time.

It amazes me that the devs really want us to help do science, yet they do not practice the science of software development!?! Yes, testing software is not easy. If you took 6 months to redo your development processes and NOT release any code until it has gone through 'real' testing then the time you spend dealing with user bug reports should diminish and the user community be happier.

If you believe users like bad software then you truly live in a dream world.

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if it wasn't for the reset "feature" I wouldn't know how to switch back to soloing. :-/

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Perhaps you should consider that not all scripts are suitable for all puzzles.

When this game was developed players did not use scripts.
So berating the devs isnt likely to get you far.

I think I recall the word "beta" associated with the game....from memory, that tends to mean software that isnt the final outcome.

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I accept that.
I expect too much, I know. It is my problem which having worked in s/w dev as an engineer focused on QA and building/leading/managing/directing QA for so long it is an issue for me to try and control.

But, I do want to see the game improve.

Thanks for your input. I'm sorry dev's, if I sounded berating, it isn't what I was aiming for.

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Evo is mentioned as upgrade (make better) of s1 else solution.
If you reset puzzle you staring it over as new one, not as upgrade of another solution.
Maybe we need 2 resets: one for solo - reset puzzle, one for evo - reset to evo starting position.
But "evo reset" is available just by load solution again, so I`m not sure that is really needed.


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