Rebuild option in GUI script / User selection dialog in Lua scripts

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I wanted to create a script that would wiggle and rebuild a selected section, but the two tools are only found in different script types. These should each be added as features to their respective scripting engines.

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Use LUA. There are all tools we have.

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For a list of links about LUA programming, see

Below are some of my favorites:
lists the many Foldit function available in LUA.
gives an overview of LUA.
is its index and table of contents.
is searchable and gives pages like this about particular LUA topics,
here tables (like arrays, vectors, or matrices, but more general).

It helps a lot to look through the public and group-shared Foldit recipes:
for things that sound like what you want to do.
You can then look at their source code and imitate the bits you need.
Maybe you will just want to tweak a recipe that someone else wrote.
Sometimes you can get more detailed advice by messaging the authors of these recipes.

It seems like writing scripts in LUA V2 is the best way to go right now.

These are all suggestions from someone fairly new to the site
(I started about a month ago) who has previous programming experience.

Good luck!

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closing answered question


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