Different segment counts in symmetry puzzles

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Some scripts will need different segment counts for different reasons. The tuberculosis symmetry puzzle has 58 residues, only 29 of which are changable. Most scripts like print_protein or rebuilders would want to use the 29 number. Other scripts that band parts together would want to use 58 so they can band molecules together. Perhaps the best approach is to add a function for number of molecules which can be multiplied with the number of segments if needed.

Current odd behavior (production client):

Helix Curler 1.6.2: finds 2 helices. Shapes first helix, then futilely tries to shape the ghost molecule.
loop rebuild 2.0: alternately tries to rebuild on both molecules, but fails quietly and instantly when trying to rebuild the ghost molecule.
print_protein et. al. and Local Quake 1.0: crashes in get_aa() and band_set_strength() apparently due to segment count bug posted by marie_s.

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You need use script options to set first and last segment that should be touched.

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It looks like in the repost of the symmetry puzzle, the devs made the mirror molecule unaddressable. I don't agree with that (I REALLY wanted to use a contract script) but I'll close this for now since it's mooted.


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