Crash on enter to 472

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My client crashing when want to play it.
It was working fine overnight, then was power outage and now cant run it :(
2 log files: one when enter directly to it, second when enter after another puzzle.

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Cleaned main directory from all files ant it kick in w/o error this time.
Have no idea what one was a problem.
I have backup of entire directory if need :)

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Since the last update I have been having increased numbers of crashes.
I am running main not dev on Win7
About one in four times when selecting a puzzle, either changing on a current client or opening a new client the program just "disappears"
I have also had problems with clients going into a "nor responding" state when being brought back from minimised.
I will try to get a log file next time it happens

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closed. Resolved, or no longer a problem


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