did you reinstall and lose everything?

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This is not so much a problem being reported as it is a possible solution.Posting as feedback for more visibility
Recently an update to the dev preview left some people with an error:
"Your database appears to be corrupted.
Please try reinstalling the application."
Switching from the beta update group back to main should resolve this problem without having to reinstall.
For the people that did reinstall... you may have noticed all your solutions, tracks and recipes appear to be gone.
Don't throw your computer out the window just yet. there may still be hope! (if your on windows, sry mac users)

If you originally installed fold.it before 8/23/2011 your files are:
on Windows XP in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Foldit\
or on Windows 7 and Vista at C:\ProgramData\Foldit\

A recent change to the installer has caused fold.it to now install everything to a new directory C:\Program Files\Foldit\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Foldit\

Copying your files from the old install directory to the new directory, switching from beta to main in your options.txt so you don't upgrade back to the bad version, and then reinstalling should bring everything back.

Alternate solutions: Instead of copying everything. The minimum most people need to copy is the "/Foldit/puzzles" folder and the file "/Foldit/all.macro" to bring back solutions, tracks and recipes but not older expired puzzles.

Another possible fix is to tell the installer to just put fold.it back into your old install directory. I didn't have as much time to test this but it should work too. Best to back up the old directory first just to be safe.

Hope this can at least help someone bit by the latest bug

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thanks Judecca, I als ogot the database message, I can run main ok - will you let us know when we can go back to beta? Win7 64 bit

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Major thanks to Judecca for this and for working with us for a few hours in the middle of the night to resolve this problem!

I would suggest that anyone using "beta" (the dev preview) back up their foldit files before allowing any updates for any OS. On a Mac, I learned a long time ago (the hard way) that it was best to kill the update - back up the file - then update.

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Big thanks to Thom who fixed up my sleep deprived 5AM instructions and posted it on the wiki. :)

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Latest updates fixed "database error" issue.
Thread can be closed in few days (to make sure that everyone who did reinstall read it).

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My post: http://fold.it/portal/node/990853 and associated replies seem to be a part of this set of developer preview updates (16-20 October 2011) so I will close the 990853 post now.

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Client is now using one directory, closing.


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