A "Time Since Last Score Change" Display

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I'm pretty new at Fold.It, but have been enjoying the game a great deal.

I have noticed an unusual phenomena from time to time. Under some circumstances, while performing a Wiggle Backbone or Wiggle All, and having just shifted the Clash Importance (usually downwards), my score will dip very slowly, and very nearly stop (in fact, with three decimal places, it does appear to stop altogether for some few seconds). The protein being folded seems to find a new conformation and suddenly the score starts rising quickly. I've had it happen to me often enough that I always give it a try now.

The problem I have is that the score (in the advanced view, with three decimal places) does appear to stop. I have not found a way to divine if it has actually stopped, or is just moving so slowly it doesn't tick over.

Giving this some thought, I believe this could be resolved by introducing a "last score change" timer. It would display the time elapsed since the last movement of the score. In fact, it would not even need to appear until an interval of a second or more, as its purpose is only to indicate that the operation is complete. It is not intended that it would display the time since last score change instantaneously - it could be quite granular, say half second increments - as you don't want to place further load on the CPU with the interface. It does not matter if the score change is positive or negative. In fact, if you really wanted to simplify, it could be as simple as a green light that turns red when the score stops moving. You could use the icon above the word "Stop" that appears in the top left corner when a tool is being used. I do acknowledge the Shake tool is a little more problematic than the Wiggle tool, as it can take quite some time for it to run its course.

Anyway, I hope this is an original idea (but I'd be surprised if it were), and that you can use it.

Thanks for a great game.

Prime Lemur
aka Aaron

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On wiggle score IS changing on 0.0000000001 pts so it is pretty useless... IMO
Just stop it when score on 3 decimals is not changing for 30 sec an ur done (I`m doin it that way, mostly after 5-10 sec :)


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