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When zooming with the mouse wheel, the zoom direction is the reverse of what I got used to in CAD programmes. As I work with CAD programs as my job, I find this very frustrating.
Please add an option for reversing this.

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Hi Piton

The feedbacks that you've posted are appreciated. There have been almost 40,000 new players visiting this game in the last 2 weeks, because of the publicity that Foldit recently managed to achieve. However, the resources available require a certain degree of prioritising regarding features and insight into how the game should be designed and presented, and it's only fair to say that this post will likely be a low priority.

Keep playing the game tho, as all the players' efforts, from around the globe count! :)


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The zooming seems standard to me. Perhaps just make it an option to invert mouse wheel controls?

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Yes, inverting mouse wheel should be enough and easy to implement.

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I have a standard Windows mouse and in foldit use the scroll button to zoom, one handed operation. Using shift and hoding the left button whilst moving the mouse also zooms.
Pushing the mouse away while holding shift and the left button moves the protein away, which makes perfect sense to most people.

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I actually tend to like inverted controls...


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