Disable client Screenshot button momentarily after taking a screenshot, or until the situation has changed

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To prevent image spam in chat and save server bandwidth from multiple image uploads, I suggest once the button is clicked to upload and post a picture to chat, the client should disable the button until there is reason to post another image.

"Reason" could entail a number of things, including but not limited to;

The camera changing positions to view another angle.
The protein backbone or side-chains have been moved or altered.
The view options have been altered (coloring, outlines, etc).
The User Interface has been changed (cookbook opened, menu opened, chat window altered).
A number of seconds (perhaps five or ten?) have passed.

While the button is disabled, to keep the user from disorientation or frustration, perhaps it should be replaced by a grayed out camera icon, and perhaps a countdown could be shown to indicate that the button's function will be restored in 9... 8...

That said, I understand that there could be a legitimate reason for a second screenshot without any other changes. Video drivers could be intermittently bad, etc. If that is indeed the case, five or ten seconds shouldn't be a problem. I could be wrong. It could be a video glitch that occurs only immediately after pressing the screenshot button? A glitch with the aforementioned countdown timer suggestion, perhaps? But if that is the case, a screenshot could be posted to another room to obtain the link or catch the glitch.

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soo aswesome

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Dear Kathleen Q,

Please do not change the status of feedbacks (particularly to DONE when we have not implemented it) otherwise this feedback would get lost forever!

Marking this good suggestion as Noted, but lowering the priority compared to more urgent issues.

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Just thought of another idea, but not sure it warrants a new post since it addresses the same topic.

The first time you click on the button, you likely don't know what it does. Since it is not immediately responsive, you might click it a second or third time, looking around for changes.

What if, the first time you click the button, you get a modal dialog which states "This is the Camera button: It sends a link of your current Fold.it screen to the chatroom.", instead of actually sending a link?

In this fashion, newbies can save face and not have a few links posted, while at the same time, figuring out what that weird-looking button does. :)

Might also be easier to implement than the timer idea.

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I think I would rather have a tooltip than a popup.

A timer variant: don't time it while it is sending the screenshot, start a timer after it has been confirmed to be sent (maybe one or two seconds should be fine).

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Or "just" make possible to enable/disable all GUI items as we want/need ;]

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what about including these kind of features in a tutorial, one of the first ones, teaching to post a screenshot to the puzzle chat for the tutorial, not the global chat of course to avoid spamming. in that tutorial you could also explain how the function works, and if a timer would be introduced for the screenshot tool, which i think would be great so people dont flood the chat with 10 shots in 10 seconds, that could be explained as well in that tutorial.

rather than a few second delay maybe 30 seconds would be better, because the other person viewing the shot will have to open it and look at it before they are able to reply anyway, and if more shots would be posted in the mean time that could only lead to confusion and chaos in the chat.

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