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I'll try posting this suggestion here, since the suggestions I posted in the Feedback section don't look as if there are being seen to.

I have NOT been able to locate anywhere the system requirements of Foldit. The program works fine on my computer (apart from the occasional bugs appearing), but I thought that Foldit's system requirements should be posted somewhere on either the Foldit website (perhaps the FAQ page), or the official Wiki article, so people interested in playing the game can see whether or not their system can support it.

Primary factors include (but not limited to) CPU, RAM, Video Graphics, Disk Space.
Optionally Operating Systems (even though this is fairly evident on the home page), and the fact that it isn't yet available in a 64-bit version.

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In actual fact, another idea

In actual fact, another idea would be to include a special "System Requirements" link underneath the download links themselves, including the system requirements, and any other special information that people may need to know (installation instructions, troubleshooting info, etc.)

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Yes, I agree. I downloaded

Yes, I agree.

I downloaded and installed Foldit easily enough, but upon launch nothing happens. If launched again, a message is given: "The game has previously not started up correctly. If this problem persists, please install the latest version."


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Win7 64bit there

And working w/o any problems.

From my experience absolutely MINIMUM to play is:
- 1GB RAM (XP 32bit)
- P4 HT 3.0 GHz CPU (up to 100 residues puzzle)
- DirectX 9c capable card (Foldit uses OpenGL)

For better play on ONE instance:
- dual core CPU

On Windows Foldit eats at least 500MB on small puzzles, up to 2GB on 200 or more segment monsters.
Foldit uses 1 full core for GUI, one full core for work and up to 20% of 3rd core. When minimized GUI is shut down and using only working core/s.

If you want to use x clients you need y cores (when minimized)
x - y
1 - 1 (better 2)
2 - 3
3 - 4
4 - 6

You need add one extra core for every not minimized client or it will slowing things down.

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Thanks for your reply,

Thanks for your reply, Rav3n_pl.

I'm not so sure the minimum CPU spec you've given is accurate, as I'm pretty sure that the game can run with a lower clock speed than 3GHz.

If we don't have devs with the official specs, then we may very well need to do some research of our own. I'll try testing Foldit out on an older comp, and see how well it works.

Also, unless I've read your comments wrong, I believe that each instance of Foldit can only run on a maximum of two CPU cores at once (dual core program). With only one instance running on my computer (Quad core CPU @ 2.6Ghz), it uses 2 cores by default. When I open a second instance, it uses up the other two cores (two cores per instance). A third instance opened results in one of the first two instances slowing down.

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can run on less than what raven suggests.

Absolute minimum requirement would be 1.8Ghz CPU and 1GB RAM.
510MB Ram is just able to handle foldit, but is in reality not quite enough if wanting to do other things at the same time. Also large proteins will be extremely difficult, due to lack of resources

One does not need a separate graphics card, on-board is okay.

On a single core CPU, foldit will use 95-99% of CPU, unless client is minimised. Only one instance of Foldit will be able to be loaded.

On dual core(3.1GHz), two instances of foldit can be played.

In all instances, a good internet connection is probably the most important thing.

There are some players who play using a dial up connection, I understand they just manage to play.
As with all things, the faster the computer and better resourced it is, the easier the game is to play and the faster scripts and the like will run.

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Thanks, fairstar. Are you one

Thanks, fairstar. Are you one of the devs, by any chance?

We could state that an Internet connection is required to play the Science Puzzles (or at least log into them), as part of the list of requirements.

Re: graphics, would Rav3n_pl's comment on DirectX 9c compliance be correct?

On a single core CPU, do you know for sure that only one instance of Foldit can be loaded? I imagine that running two instances would be slower, but we need to be accurate when talking specifics.

I might try posting a suggestion in the Feedback section about adding System Requirements. *In the mean time, if there is anyone else that would like to run their own tests and post the results here, that would be greatly appreciated.

*Please note: RAM and Disk Space requirements are thought of differently; the minimum amount of RAM is a system-wide figure, and is shared with other programs (see fairstar's comment on RAM above); the minimum amount of Disk Space is considered local to the program after installation (the figure stated is approximately the amount the program itself needs to run, without problems arising).

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You can run

as many as you wish (or how many RAM you have) but every new instance will slow down all instances.
I started sometimes 2 instances on my p4 but even on small puzzle and one minimized it was unplayable.

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Re: Are you one of the devs, by any chance?

tristanlbailey, you can spot devs by the little Foldit icon next to their username.

I have replied to your feedback. I understand you posted here because you felt "the suggestions I posted in the Feedback section don't look as if there are being seen to"

I assure you that we read all of them, but I hope you can understand that we are a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

Currently there are 3 people actively working on Foldit plus one person working on the server (which includes non-Foldit server duties). Because of this we are forced to prioritize which feedbacks we can reply to and work on so hopefully you'll agree that issues such as Foldit using 1GB/day of bandwidth (http://fold.it/portal/node/989623#comment-13261) should be at the top of the priority queue.

There are also many feedbacks about problems with OS X Lion, Linux (MANY feedbacks about this) that all need to be addressed before we can reply to your request.

I hope that you will find that if a feedback becomes quite urgent (and many different Foldit players up-vote & mention the same problem) we will address it ASAP.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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OK, thanks for replying,

OK, thanks for replying, beta_helix. I was just concerned that a lot of feedback wasn't being seen to, suggestions in particular, especially since there are so many cases that are still open from almost 12 months ago.

I agree that the bandwidth issue was quite an important one to fix; in fact, I made a post in that very topic, towards the end. The issue does now appear to be fixed.

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i am currently running

i am currently running fold.it on my Netbook with the following specs:
Single Core Atom CPU 1.8GHz
integrated Intel GFX 945
Ubuntu 11.10

The introductory puzzles run quite well, until i get to the ones where you have to use "Tweak". that function is basically unusable, cause it is so slow (feels like a freeze, nearly).
I am mostly interested in the introductory puzzles only, so i do not care much whether my system can handle huge proteins, as long as i would be able to do the introduction. we are meant to complete the introduction for a university course i am taking, as they say it is a very good way to get up to speed, and get a good feeling what protein folding means, in comparison to reading a book about it. i agree of course ;-)

thanks for fold.it, and.. is there possibly a way to make tweak faster?

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Hello hoijui, thanks for your

Hello hoijui, thanks for your post.

If someone has not already done it, you could try posting a suggestion in the Feedback section about the Tweak tool. I think this should be fixed up, too. ;)


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