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Beginner Puzzle: Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein
Status: Closed


Name: Beginner Puzzle: Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein
Status: Closed
Created: 09/30/2011
Points: 50
Expired: 11/07/2011 - 09:00
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: This is a Beginner puzzle for new players that have recently completed the Intro Puzzles. The starting model is completely wrong, can you use the Foldit tools you just learned to fix the model and match the guide? Make sure you have completed Intro Puzzle 4-5 before trying this puzzle. This version of the puzzle is only worth global 50 points.

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if you are new to Foldit, here are detailed instructions to get you started:

HINT: If you are having trouble with this puzzle, try using the "Align Guide" tool:

By right clicking on a region of the protein (not the guide) it will pull up a menu with 6 tools. The bottom right one is "Align Guide". Clicking on it will align the native guide to the region of the protein you selected.
This will help you see what sections on your protein correspond to the guide!

Working with the guide is much more user friendly when you use the advanced viewing options.
In the game click on Menu->General Options and select "Show Advanced GUI" and click Done.
Click on View, turn on 'Show Outline,' set the background color to white, and view stubs on the sidechains, view the guide, and set color relative to guide. Turn all the other view options off."

For even more info: http://foldit.wikia.com/wiki/Tlaloc%27s_Strategy#Technique_for_Matching_a_Guide

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slightly different end please?

That's the middle of Halloween evening on North America east coast

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thanks for the reminder!

will do!

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Who quit?

The current (05 November 2011, 00:45 UT) high solo score is owned by no one. Someone decided to delete their account in the middle of the game.

Can someone please remove this score from the leaderboard and the rankings?

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kxu fixed it

scoreboard fixed

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