IRC connect error: LIBIRC_ERR_NOMEM

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Opened on:Friday, September 30, 2011 - 14:40
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I'm using the Windows version of the client in 64-bit Vista. I have never been able to: (1) logon to IRC in the client (I can connect using an external IRC client fine), or (2) import any recipes into client from the web interface.

Looking at my log file, it seems like the client IRC subroutine is failing and returning a "LIBIRC_ERR_NOMEM" error:
"BOINC says connect to:
Using nick: oOhamsterOo
Ended Initialization of NoviceGame
Entering IRC::run
SRVR_THRD finished solution data upload. took 0.701205 seconds.
SRVR_THRD sending: 289246 990611 group_score
SRVR_THRD sending: 289246 990611 score
SRVR_THRD getting notifications...
SRVR_THRD sending play event log...
IRC::run error, code = LIBIRC_ERR_NOMEM
Exiting IRC::run"

Looking at my system's resource manager, I don't think memory should be a problem (I have about 2 GB free).

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