cannot play the game without reinstalling it everytime before playing

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Hi Fold it

I love your game, but I have this problem. I can play the game, if I have just installed it, but if I try open the game afterwards, it comes with this message: "cannot write output", then the game menu opens as normally, but when I try to open the specific tutorial step I've come to, it says "Error during initialization: Error writing puzzle ID" and then I press close, and the whole program shuts down. If I then uninstall it and then reinstall it, I can play again. So the problem arises when I want to open the game after the install are complete and I have already played it and shut it down. Do you have any Idea what is wrong?

I have a Vista computer.


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Me too.

Windows 7 64 bit

Workaround: Start Foldit in the compatible mode "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

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Install the game in c:/foldit not in programm files

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