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I joined Foldit yesterday and was progressing nicely through the entry level puzzles, completing about half on my laptop at work. When I came home today, I downloaded Foldit onto my main desktop at home and logged in with my established user name and password.

To my surprise, Foldit started me out at the very first entry puzzle?? Is it not possible to access Foldit from multiple computers using the same user name/password?

Thanks in advance

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Changing to a question

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I also have this problem, and I find it very annoying. Why can't save which puzzle I'm currently on on the server? My accomplishments are saved on the server, but when I download to a new computer and install it, I get the same thing, starting at puzzle #1. It shouldn't be like that.

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The software says that my protein will be saved, but what's the point?? It should be saved not just locally but on the server. No sense reinventing the wheel.

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Like what's the point of even logging in, then, of having a user account?

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Hey Parker.

The point of logging in is to have a name in the chat area, to chat with other people currently playing, to use the website for recipes or suggestions, and perhaps to get credit for your protein results.

The point of the intro puzzles is to teach you the system. If you've done them on one machine you don't need to do them again, unless you really need to see how to do something again.

It's little consolation, I know. It'd be good to save progress. I hope that feature gets added. :D

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If it's a regular science puzzle rather than an intro puzzle, you can upload a solution by sharing it with yourself and then download the solution to another computer.

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State of intro puzzles is saved locally, so if you switch to another machine you need do at least 1st one to not have been jumped into it every time you run foldit.

State of science puzzles are saved locally too, but you can "share to yourself" any solution and download it on another machine.

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Damn that's annoying!!! My current puzzle should be saved. It's happened to me again!! I expect my progress to be saved no matter which computer I run this on.

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Newcomers - your puzzle progress is saved to your hard drive. If you open your account on a different computer, since you are using a different hard drive - your progress will not be there (although the foldit servers do capture your highest score).

You can share up to 3 uploads on the foldit server per puzzle (and can delete them when you want to share more). Those will be accessible to you regardless of any computer you use.

If you want/need more than that, you can save your entire Resources file on a jump key and move that file to the computer that needs updating each time (this will also copy your cookbook, which is handy). Just be sure to grab that file just after shutting down your active client, and install on your other computer before starting up that computer's foldit client.

Many of us do use multiple computers in multiple locations - please ask in global for any help with this that you may need :-)

(Also - please note that the rules for comments here are similar to global chat - we appreciate no swearing, even mildly, in the feedback).

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Perhaps you will consider changing this, AuntDeen, because some of us use public computers. With a lot of online games, perhaps most of them, game progress is saved on their servers.

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@parker25 - I wish I could! I'm just a player who volunteers as a global moderator.

I know that it's difficult. My suspicion is that there just isn't enough server space available.

In my own case, I use desktops in two different states. At this stage, the trick of copying off the entire Resources file no longer works for me, because I've been playing for two & a half years - it's a huge file, and errors when trying to upload to a portable hard drive. What I need to do is copy off only the files that are recent (perhaps a weeks worth) and then inserting those into the other computer.

It's tricky, inconvenient, and a pain in the neck... but it is what it is, at this point in foldit's development. I am also hoping that some day the files are all on the foldit servers!

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I appreciate your warm and comforting comments, auntdeen.

I tried compressing the resources folder, and that helps... but I tried the cmp-resources-000000 folder instead of the cmp-resources- and then a bunch of different numbers and letters folder. I didn't get my updated progress with the 0000 folder but maybe I will if I save my cmp-resources-blah blah blah folder to another hard drive.

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Just happened upon this thread. The original comment was about saving the state of your intro level progress. This was actually a bug that I noticed recently (last several months) and fixed. We were only pushing your progress state on start-up. Not very useful. ;-) So if you had shutdown and started again at work, we would have sent your progress and would have downloaded it to your other computer.

Anyway, it's fixed now.


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