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I can't play. Heve this massage:
the gem start, but heve another two:

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What os?

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I had the same issue. I use Win 7 Pro N (french).

I gave "Modify" rights to the "Users" group on the "C:\Program Files\Foldit" folder.
Seems to work so far.

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Thanks to MightyCharlou, but it do not work at my system. I can not play online, only the first 16 Puzzles(Intro).
OS: Win7, 64Bit, German.

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Just NOT install windows client in "program files" directory.
Put it in c:\games\foldit\ :)

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Users should be able to run foldit anywhere and expect it to work correctly under any permissions. Assuming it is a file writing permissions issue, Foldit should NOT be writing to its install directory on Windows. Instead it should write files to the user directory.

A game installs to C:\Program Files\GameName\
It writes settings and saves to C:\Users\SomeUser\AppData\Roaming\GameName\
Cache files in C:\Users\SomeUser\AppData\Local\GameName\
Temporary files to the temp directory.

These paths are obtained programmatically and has been the standard in windows programming for some time.

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Windows installer is currently writing all game files in one directory.
If you install it outside system directories it solves "admin rights" problem.
It also allows you install it in many places to use many totally independent clients.

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ive just installed foldit on my new lap top..it has win7 64bit premium...i have had no issues with being able to play etc

foldit was downloaded into an 86? i think folder, as its a 32 bit programme I believe.

maybe i had no trouble as the comp and software on it was brand new ....

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On my Win7 64 bit ult i have "Unable to write output" and then I cant read a puzzle

When I start foldit with as admin it works correctly

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Yes, because you installed it by default in "program files" directory.
Any program installed there need administrative rights to write, even in own directory.
Thats why easier option is to install game client in another directory, not restricted by windowz itself.


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