Installer (Windows version) flagged "WS.Reputation.1" by Norton 360 and auto-deleted on download

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Not exactly sure what you can do about it (not a bug at your end) but I thought I'd make you aware of this and maybe you can correspond with Norton to resolve the issue.

Trying to download the Windows version of the installer onto my husband's Windows 7 machine, I had the following issue:

The link correctly opened the dialogue box to save to my computer, and I selected the save option. It then downloaded the whole file foldit.exe(24.4MB). Immediately after the download finished, Norton 360 scanned the file in a preliminary "safety" check. In the past I have seen it do this for other downloads and come up with a box saying "blah.exe is safe". But this time...

The file was flagged as "Contains WS.Reputation.1" by Norton and it was immediately "removed". Elsewhere in a table in my Norton program it says it was "Quarantined" but I haven't seen it anywhere yet. On attempting to download it again, it was again automatically "removed". End result: no installer!

On looking into the Norton website for more information, this "WS.Reputation.1" thing is not actually a virus or something "contained" within your program; it is a flag that gets attached when a program has not yet been rated (or somehow "approved", I don't know) by Norton. The details box in Norton tells me that "Fewer than 5 users in the Norton Community have used this file", the risk is "Medium" and "Threat type: Insight Network Threat. There are many indications that this file is untrustworthy and therefore not safe."

This seems very odd to me, especially the "Fewer than 5 users" part - unless you have had a new version of the installer in the past few hours? Last night I successfully downloaded and used the installer Windows version on my own computer (another Windows 7 box) and at the time Norton rated the program "safe" after I downloaded it.

(The "indications" bit actually seems accurate to me, given that the program accesses the internet so much. I'm just not sure what you can do to indicate that the program is "safe".)

The Norton website has a generic details page for your site, showing that the Norton Community has not put any rating on your site and "the site has not been tested yet". This page is at
On that page is a link that says "Site owner? Click here". Maybe you will be able to find more information to help you resolve the issue there?

There is another link at the top of the page which tries to sell the "Norton Secured Seal" which looks like an easy fix (sites that get this have been "validated as a legitimate business, use best-of-breed encryption technology (trying to sell you Verisign SSL) and are scanned for malware daily) but I'm guessing this may not suit you.

Good luck, I hope you can resolve this soon so that more people can download your installer...

if you need more information, I can be emailed.

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Just checked my own computer. The file I downloaded to my own computer last night was from and has been rated "Good" despite having "Very Few" users (!) It seems like it is only the new servers at centerforgamescience that are unrated and flagged. Hope this helps.

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Solution: Uninstall Norton and get a better free virus scanner that hasn't attempted to delete vital system files in the past. Sorry, but it had to be said. :/

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use this link to download if your antivirus software reject to download the file ( very slow ):


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