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sheets and ladders, the instruction is "you can move the view around, right click and drag the background". That moves the entire protein. It should be left click to move the view around
A number of new players pointed this out, I did the puzzle and when I read the tool tip instruction, scratched my head for a few seconds.

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And even when they manage to rotate the protein, they don't know they have to pull the sidechains apart because the tool tip doesn't say that.
...and no, that's not a joke, it's really an issue for quite many newbies.

Edit: For level 1-2: "Swing It Around" that is

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I've just started and am on the tutorials, and align is not aligning the "ghost" protein to the actual protein, its just moving it around. also, when i use freeze on something and then hit the thing that moves the backbones around, it still moves the frozen pieces. Pls help or explain or something.

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with the massive influx of new players this does need to be remedied, have upped status

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Another bug has appeared.

7-3 mass mutate. the tool isnt becoming available until some players restart their game or do up to 20 resets.
A few people will get it after 3 clicks

Has been happening since yesterday morning

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These problems with the tutorials should be addressed now.


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