Nature Structural & Molecular Biology paper online!

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As many of you already know, a protein causing AIDS in rhesus monkeys
that hadn't been solved for 15 years was resolved by Foldit players
and confirmed by x-ray crystallography. That paper was selected for an
Advance Online Publication (AOP) today in Nature Structural &
Molecular Biology; link to paper:

The crystal structure will be released to the Protein Data Bank soon:

We are so proud of everything that you Foldit players have
accomplished already, and we hope that this article will show the
world the power of citizen science! This is the first instance we are
aware of in which online gamers solved a longstanding scientific
problem and we want to thank you all for your amazing work on this and
everything else. Speaking of which, we are submitting another paper
this week comparing your recipes against the state of the art

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We are investigating the author list of the online edition

As you can see, the pdf of the paper has the correct author list:

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We can se somewhere

read that article? $32 for reading one Nature paper is bit off...

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I agree, and unfortunately it

I agree, and unfortunately it is the same problem with nearly all technical and scientific articles which are being published recently through, for example, Sciencedirect and similar sites. $32 is definitely too much for a single scientific article.

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this is why we provided a link to the paper on our lab website
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Now that this is official... would be nice if the players involved in this article could receive the "solved real-world scientific problem" achievement.

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[Addendum: Full disclosure regarding my previous post]

(For the record, I'm not asking this for myself, but rather for my three teammates who are specifically named in the article...)

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agree with infjamc's suggestion

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we have been slashdotted
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I didn't have to pay to read this one.

Have you guys thought about creating a mobile app so we can play on the go too? :)

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they finally fixed the typo on the Nature website!
correctly has the author list as:

Firas Khatib, Frank DiMaio, Foldit Contenders Group, Foldit Void Crushers Group, Seth Cooper, Maciej Kazmierczyk, Miroslaw Gilski, Szymon Krzywda, Helena Zabranska, Iva Pichova, James Thompson, Zoran Popović, Mariusz Jaskolski & David Baker

Wheelarch1588, that question gets asked a lot... but we currently do not have the resources to create that yet. Hopefully in the future!
Here is something coming soon:

infjamc, great idea. We will do that for sure!

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