H2N2 Flu Design Puzzle Update

The designed small protein binder against H2 Hemagglutinin results are being analyzed right now and the results are very impressive. We are using the top models as design guides to help us understand the differences between binding to H1 and H2 Hemagglutinin. We’ve known for sometime that this design will bind H1 Hemagglutinin (found on the most common strains of the flu and also Spanish flu) but we are trying to extend the design to also bind H2 Hemagglutinin. While the H2 strain of flu is less common today, it was responsible for ~1 million deaths in a 1957 and was last seen in humans in 1968. As your body’s immune system has probably not been exposed to the H2 strain, it would likely not have antibodies that could protect against it, making H2 influenza a potential pandemic should it reappear. By designing a binder to both H1 and H2 strains we are trying to protect against both current and future Influenza threats.

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We will save that million!

Just please, make this flu puzzles smaller... :)

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hi it's nice information to share with us.

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Looks like we're going to see results of our folding!

I'm looking forward to see breakthroughs made possible by human folding :)

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