Congrats to BitSpawn and Bletchley Park!

You may have noticed after the latest update that we have added new Achievements.

When we originally created the "Perpetual Motion Machine" achievement (Complete one million moves) we never thought anyone would get anywhere close to that... but thanks to recipes, many of you have so we needed to add a "Complete ten million moves" one.

BitSpawn and Bletchley Park have already passed this mark:

So we want to congratulate them, as well as all of you that already passed one million moves.

We hope that the "Hundred Million Mover" goal will last you for a while!

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In BitSpawn case it is 29 moves per minute of 24/7 folding from his day1 (1yr 1mo)!!! One move every 2 seconds!
Bletchley Park is playing longer (stared when there was no scripts) and he have 9 moves/min (2 yr 4mo).
Just unbelievable!

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when nobody is looking I use

when nobody is looking I use two computers at work :D
thanks :))

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2 clients on each machine? ;]

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nice work guys!

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Thank you all for the

Thank you all for the congratulations !

I was pleasantly surprised to see this as I had not kept track for a while (I remember seeing the 8 million mark). I do use multiple self built machines. I am not always able to run them unattended so my milage goes up in waves.

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