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Summary of all troubles (and suggestions) we have with cookbook.
All posts below marked as duplicate to this case.

1. Book is not updating in selection interface

2. Possibility to change recipes location, recipe folders

3. Pause scripts

4. Re-sizable Cookbook

5. Recipe editor

6. Recipes are in wrong places

7. Archive/restore recipes outside client

Tried to set them in order of urgency.

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Thank you for grouping all these in one place.

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Would it be possible to create a cookbook API? That might allow clever folks to create tools of their own for sorting, categorizing, and editing recipes.

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Some notes on an API:

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Some "quick search" function would be nice too.
One text box where we enter part of name and book contest are filtered by it (ie "lws" and we have listed only lws-ing scripts).

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I can not get the recipes to make to the program. It says to look for them in the cookbook but they never show up. Any one want to message me with a possible fix?

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You need to be logged in on site and in game and you need to have working chat connection.
Also you have to be in "old" interface.

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And Recipe Intros. (I just added the suggestion)

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agree with and adding this post
Some recipe descriptions decide to popup to the left... and you cant read any of it in the game

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I think this is a character length issue. It seems that recipes with long descriptions have this problem.

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I came up with a good one a while ago:
Recipe Roster / Scheduler / Timetable

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You'll be happy to know that we have a new person joining the Foldit team, rileya, and this is their first task!

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Great! Cant wait for it :D

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Excellent! Many hands make for light work. Anyone who commits their time to helping make Foldit a better game will be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry for the double post, but I have come up with another idea.

"Last recipe run" Cookbook field


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I think it would be beneficial to be able to arrange what order we have our recipes. It should also be fairly easy to implement

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#1 is fixed.

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Nope, it is NOT foxed :( (latest dev update)
1. run selection interface
2a. delete recipe -> blank space, no name in place of deleted recipe. It should rebuild book instantly
2b. create new recipe, save as -> it is not visible in cookbook, even if it is shared.
3. Switch to old interface -> everything is ok...

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What I'm missing most is a button to open an external editor (which I can choose) to edit the script. FoldIt would then wait until the editor process quits and read back the file from disk. There's no need to change the way the cookbook is organized internally. Just write a temp file with the code of the selected recipe and open it with the external editor. User can edit, save, quit. And then FoldIt would automatically read back the changes when it detects that the editor process has quit.

I know this seems like only a small improvement over CTRL+C, CTRL+V. But programmers don't like doing repetitive stuff, and we're talking about scripting here, so... ;)

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I think this is a nice to have idea.
However this will not work with the way I have organized my code. Modules that are assembled using the gcc preprocessor. The new way we can save to and load from files should stay there if the editor idea is implemented.

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I lack the sophistication to write a recipe. but I'd love to see one that essentially "flattens" a protein if one does not exist. For example, I ended up with a "thick" star with one try at the snowflake puzzle, and wanted to compress it. It would also have helped when I reset the puzzle and ended up with a barrel. I did see similar pictures by better folders than I. But what would happen if we could have "flattened" the proteins?

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I lack the sophistication to find or write recipes. however, I would love to see something to "flatten" a protein. For example, in the recent snowflake puzzle, I had a somewhat thick star shape I wanted to flatten in one try, and a barrel in another attempt. I did see better folders had similar shapes. What if we could compress them?

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I really don't understand why all recipes are squeezed together into the all.macros file whose contents look like it contains JSON which contains strings which in turn are JSON which in turn contains more stringsā€¦ Look at all the escaping piling up with loads of backslashes!
But with all the files starting with 'puzzle_' directly in the game directory I get a feeling that the developers of this game do not understand or do not like the concept of "directories".
Sorry for the rant, but can anyone explain me why all recipes are crammed into all.macros? I seriously do not understand it.

Putting the recipes in a directory "recipes" as separate files (one file per recipe) would make it much more accessible to external editors. You could either create subfolders for the dividers in the Cookbook or put the information which recipe is in which divider into a separate file. I really don't care about having all the meta-information about the recipes in one file, but the recipe contents should be in one file per recipe (at least in my understanding of files and file systems). If you really want to have it be one file why not use a common archive format like .zip or .tar?


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