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I have been working on lot of scripts since copy paste works, posted some and some not.

All are gone after restart of client. Now is it way to get them back or not? or i should make new and old scripts everyday from scratch....grrrrrrrrr

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Gone. If you restarted client all.macro file is rewritten and they are gone.

How to NOT lost recipes:
1. write recipes only in one client on one computer
2. use old interface to see that recipe is saved and in place
3. once shared script cant be changed
4. if you change shared script and save it it is automagicly unshared and gone from site. You need share changed version again.
5. if you using more that 1 client at once las client you close have to be client that you change/write/add recipes
6. (should be 1) use external editor and save recipes in lua files somewhere outside (I`m using folder on desktop). Then you can copy-paste into client and test script in as many clients you want.
7. You can "share to myself" any recipe/s you want to use on different PCs or just as backup

All recipes we use (also those not shared ones) are sent to foldit central. So in theory IS way to recover your script/s. But AFIK it is loooong and bumpy way. If you have idea in mind just write it down again :)

In general client is NOT much compatible to use more than 1 instance on same PC. Good we have tracks, so missing points problem is gone in 99.9% cases. Power outage can still make mess ;]

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Updating status.


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