Default track "polluted" by other tracks.

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Opened on:Friday, August 5, 2011 - 10:49
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There is an error in tracks system.
How to replicate:
1. we make some score on default track.
2. form best score on default we make another track
3. in another track we make better score
4. close client
5. open client, load puzzle
6. puzzle is loaded on default track but have last solution - from other track!
7. now wiggle and puff! best score from default track is replaced by best score from other track.

Solution: puzzle should remember what track was set on closing puzzle and load what track instead of default track and last ("current") position.

Same thing is happening when we open second client on same puzzle: loaded default track and last position from 1st client.

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gramps made a comment that if the same file name for the track was used it would overwrite or in other ways mangle the other track. Probably not the same as described above however I'm not sure of how many characters are read in the file name etc.

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One of my tracks on 444 is now an evo track - not my solo score, not derived from my solo score, but my evo score from a team member's solo.

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A bump.
Auto save on exit should remember track, and/or all saves should have track marker to not make situation like this possible.

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Again tonight on 451 - my default track turned into an evo - as happened to me in 444, it's not my solo score, not derived from my solo score, but my evo score from a team member's solo.

I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem...

Mac OS in dev - could it be a bug simply for us?

Screenshot here - puzzle opens to this, and if default track is loaded, stays the same:

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Also just happened in 452...

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Try reset puzzle and restore very best on this track/s
on each track we can use solo and evo.
I we need/want to switch we need:
- to play evo - load any alien solution (and restore credit/very best)
- quick back to solo - reset puzzle and restore very/credit best
- back to solo - load own save

I`m not sure but if you referring to that behavior, it is not related to bud I reporting :)

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Ah - it does work to reset puzzle and then restore very best - it will give me the default solo track.

Thanks, rav!


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