Client constantly crashing

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Since the update last night, I have been crashing constantly. I started a client at 11 oclock. It is 1:45 right now, and it has crashed five times so far. I feel like this error has something to do with the most recent update, but i'm not sure. All I know is that i did NOT have this problem before the last update. I'm running Windows Vista.

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Can you give more information? Does it crash on all puzzles or mostly just one? What does the log file say? Something similar every time? What are you doing when it crashes?

Is anyone else having this problem?

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Client cannot go for any extended period of time without crashing since last update.

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phi16, what OS are you running?
Vista as well?

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Just had a crash. Amazingly, it didn't update the log file at all at the time of the crash. However, i snapped a screenshot of the error message, and it's attached to this post.

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the 'no disk'error is what was getting when I tried to open a saved solution (from previous rounds) in 442 - Windows 7

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I also got this error before the update, but less frequently. I would receive the No Disk error and around the same time, my internet would cease connection. As I have been playing foldit since I started using my current ISP, I'm not sure if a faulty internet connection is causing the crash or the crash is knocking out my connection.

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good point tyler - I suspect the busy workers come in - windows update, virus update and vaio update - all seems ok but if I click the '(i) in the chat I get the no disk error. Seems to happen when a script has finished rather than when it is running never end scripts. The internet connection is still there. Maybe one of the multiple 'sessions'folit uses gets closed.

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Looks for me like another bug in IRC module - IRC gets disconnected and crashing entire client...

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