Residues locked in space

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In 437 residues #44 and #45 are locked in space.
How to replicate: make long band away from protein to one of that 2 and wiggle.
Normally it should rip protein apart. In this case it doing almost to nothing.

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It barely affects it at all. If i put a band on segment 44 and wiggle, I see fluctuations in my score. It normally goes up and down about 4 points. However, if I click/drag the segment manually, it works fine.

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Looks like it is in every puzzle: middle residue/s are permanently locked and not moving on bands or wiggle. Only rebuild or manual pull can move them. According to chat this is "wiggle hook" - point form wiggle routine start his work.
In some cases it is very bad thing - entire protein is "dancing" around one point. We can use that "feature", but we need have ability to change that "null point" to any segment. Totally disabling that "ability" would be nice too (free the protein!).

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This is an artifact of Rosetta, I don't know if it would be possible to change that anchor residue. Seth?

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I believe this has been pointed out before.

Being able to change the anchor point would be a massive advantage when folding.

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imho - the 'null point' or middle is getting stiffer and stiffer - almost like a design puzzle if you don't have the right position for those centre segs you will go nowhere

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The game has been updated so the center point of the protein will be able to move freely. This will go out in the next update.

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Marking as resolved.


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