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I am sure many Foldit users would like to join me in thanking Tlaloc for his new additions to lua functions in foldit and the other improvements. I have no doubt that these will have far reaching and beneficial effects - leading us closer to what we are each trying to achieve.

Thank you Tlaloc!

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Looks like Tlaloc also do some cleanup on feedbacks :)

Still searching where is described what new is implemented into lua...
I means some list of commands?

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Currently, the Lua libraries will be in beta this week. Here are my release notes:

We have added the ability to make calls into the Lua standard base, math, os, string, and table libraries. These functions are now available for use in Lua scripts. See for documentation. Not every function is included, but all of the ones we have assessed as being useful and safe are.
Base Library
• assert
• error
• ipairs
• next
• pcall
• pairs
• print
• select
• tonumber
• tostring
• type
• unpack
• xpcall
Math Library
• math.abs
• math.acos
• math.asin
• math.atan
• math.atan2
• math.ceil
• math.cos
• math.cosh
• math.deg
• math.exp
• math.floor
• math.fmod
• math.frexp
• math.huge
• math.ldexp
• math.log
• math.log10
• math.max
• math.min
• math.modf
• math.pi
• math.pow
• math.rad
• math.random
• math.randomseed
• math.sin
• math.sinh
• math.sqrt
• math.tan
• math.tanh
Os Library
• os.clock
• os.difftime
• os.time
String Library
• string.byte
• string.char
• string.dump
• string.find
• string.format
• string.gmatch
• string.gsub
• string.len
• string.lower
• string.match
• string.rep
• string.reverse
• string.sub
• string.upper
Table Library
• table.concat
• table.insert
• table.maxn
• table.remove
• table.sort
• table.unpack
There may be other functions from the Lua base standard library that are safe to include, but we are still accessing their safety for use in a scripting environment: collectgarbage, gcinfo, getmetatable, getfenv, loadstring, setfenv, and setmetatable. We are also assessing the coroutine library.

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There will also be more new functions coming that interact with foldit. I'm working on it, but one step at a time. I figure 68 new functions will keep you busy for at least a week. :-)

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Any words on getmetatable and setmetable?

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Please stop making zombie threads. There is no way this is a "bug" .


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