New Update! Evolvers, Tracks, Scripts and more!

A new update is available! This update introduces quite a few changes and new features. Read below to get a comprehensive list of what is included.

Change to the Evolver system:

In order to get credit for an evolver solution, you now must increase the score past the next 2 full points. So if you have a solution which starts at 8950.33, you would have to increase it up to 8952 to get credit.

New Feature: Tracks.

Tracks are different sets of quicksaves and recent/credit/absolute bests. You always start in the "default" track. You can create new tracks and doing so will copy your current pose into the new track, and give you a fresh set of quicksaves and bests (you will still be able to access all of your manual saves between all tracks).

This system should allow you to do parallel exploration, even on the same install and on the same account.

To access the track dialog, enable the advanced GUI and go to "Tracks" in the undo menu.

New Feature: Script logging.

As a script runs, a file is created in the foldit directory named scriptlog.
.xml. The script log is created when a script is run. Each track has a separate scriptlog. The scriptlog file is overwritten when a second script is run in the same track, so if you want to keep the content, you must externally copy the file somewhere else before starting another script. This file is an XML file (or, more technically, it is an XML file when the script is complete, as the file then has the closing tags). You can use a text editor, web browser, or an XML parser to parse the file.

The scriptlog is readable while the script is running. Programs that read the scriptlog while it is running must be careful not to lock the scriptlog file.

Other Changes:

The maximum band length is adjustable up to 10000 in scripts.

The maximum number of quicksaves slots has been changed from 10 to 100.

Wiggle should be slightly faster.

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The developers couldn't be bothered to tell you this, but this update is *REQUIRED* to load any new puzzle, starting with 424.

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Ah well thanks for sharing

Ah well thanks for sharing that snippet of important info :)

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