outside irc use or improve foldit chat rooms

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the reason people are driven to outside irc chanels is that foldit does not provide players with what they need. when players use outside channels most of the information is lost to the foldit community. all this should be done in house INSIDE of foldit. foldit needs to impliment and make these funtions internal so everyone can access the information without having to go to a off foldit irc site.
just a few thing that would help:

Rotating screen shots so we can see all sides of a solution.
copy and paste and save funtions for the chat rooms
shared whiteboard app so we can work on papers and scripts together and then publish to the wiki.
a shared open evo for new people to work on other solutions and a workspace where advanced player could work with beginners and show them methoids like handbuilding denovo puzzles.

and im sure there is a lot more please add your ideas. thanks.

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Thank you for clarifying what is lacking in the Foldit Chat

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The biggest reason I have heard expressed for using external chat clients, is that the in game chat keeps dropping out and ceasing to function.
There also appears to be issues with not being able to copy links etc.
The chat box is also ridiculously small and it is easy to miss what someone said a few minutes prior, due to it's short scroll back.
Its the use of external chat programmes that is actually keeping what has been put into chat, by using these programmes, many more players get benefits from doing so, not the other way around.
An external chat programme can also save what has been chatted about, or links that have been posted, so I cannot see how it is detrimental, when it proves to be beneficial.

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great suggestions thanks. yes the chat window can be hard to read, especialy for older people or players with small screans.
the use of off site irc is used because foldit does not provide these sevices. if we could have a more modern irc with more advanced features then eveyone could particapate equily in game.
as it is now there are 2 tiers to the game, those who play the game as designed in house, and those with outside irc, who have many more advantages that they require that are not provide by foldit. this means that the 2 groups are not realy on an equil footing, and are in fact playing 2 different games.
if foldit were to have, a better chat and a whiteboard app like MS Netmeeting so that we could all work together on papers and scripts, then everyone could play the same game without the need for outside irc, and on a equil footing, and information and valable insights would not be lost to external irc pages.

some of the programs that are being used outside foldit are:
mibbet and ice chat, both outside chat rooms with a lot more features.
titan pad and priate pad - a white board app for working together on papers and scripts.

these are just a few of the programs that some of the outside irc people use. if simalar servaces could be provided by foldit as part of the game in house then we could all play the same game on an equil footing and everyone could share in the benifets and learn how to fold better. thanks.

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it has come to my attion that a lot of these chat sites are hosted on foldit servers. so why not have in game links to all these foldit hostted sites.

also there are external web sites and pages that could be linked in game.

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I reiterate, the main issues with in game chat are, the constant dropping out and also when running scripts, the processes follow the cursor, obscuring the chat window and making it difficult to type anything in the chat window, should one wish to participate in chat.

Using an external client was suggested to me, when I first started playing, good advise as it turns out, due to the issues I have mentioned above.
Anyone can use an external IRC client if they wish too, there is nothing preventing them from doing so.
I have noted that people are encouraged to use them by other players, not discouraged. So I doubt a two tier game exists due to the use of IRC clients, I certainly haven't been aware of it in my short time here.

The foldit server supports other IRC clients and their use. So they do not need to "provide" them.
It takes 2 minutes to download a client to use.
These clients are run on the foldit server not outside of it. As an IRC client has to connect to the foldit server, it essentially becomes "in house"

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just to be clear. outside chat rooms are nessary and needed, and should continue.
i just need the in game chat windows to be clearer to read, and include, more links and features for the in game player. this in no way well, and has nothing to do with, changing the way the outside irc people do, or use outside irc.
this has to do with making it better for the players who play ingame witout an external irc capability.
for one example, the #research chanel is hosted on the foldit server, but can not be entered except by external irc. why cant there be a ingame link, right above the group chat banner, have a research chat link? then at least game player could follow along with the shared science of foldit. thanks.

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this has been fixed, lots of improvements to chat and people can still use IRC as well


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