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Opened on:Saturday, April 16, 2011 - 13:15
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I really like the exploration map for the sense of social effort that it provides. It works great for new puzzles, but it seems that as the amount of activity on a given puzzle increases, the exploration map takes longer and longer to open until it finally starts hanging in an empty state with the "Loading..." message forever.

Of course, it is in these later stages that the information it provides would be particularly helpful. So... can you fix this? One approach might be to have the server generate the map locally and send it as a .gif picture to the client?

... and while you're fixing it, can we add a scroll/pan feature for viewing different portions of the exploration map after we zoom in?

Thanks so much!!

p.s. - i'm running the software on a mac, just in case that makes a difference.

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Thank you for reporting this, we will look into it.

Anyone else having trouble loading the Exploration Map on non-Macs?

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yes the xmap is very slow to load and hange like they said . i use windows 7 thanks.

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reported broke in later posts as well


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