Exploration puzzle - evolver score

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Opened on:Tuesday, April 5, 2011 - 02:17
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My evolver score to match is 224,422

Just hoping that's a bug hahaha


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Yes, evo scoring is bugged. It is remember best exploration score ever, so if someone is "lucky" then he share 200k exp evo....

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I actually did have an exploration score near there (@ -999,999.999 normal) just by putting clashing at 0 and clicking wiggle for a few minutes. It just collapsed to a single spot. I wasn't evolving from that solution though; I was evolving from a different one (around 13K or so for Expl Score).

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One way to avoid this may be to add hysteresis to the evolver scoring algorithm Y(n), where n = segment_score

Y is a function of Segment_Score (n)Y is a function of Segment_Score (n)

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Exploration puzzles deprecated. Closing.


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