Exploration Puzzle -- Score history for exploration and normal score

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Due to the score changes to foldit at the exploration puzzles, we need to follow both scores, so there is a need for a second history line as shown at my attachement.

Nothing would be changed, the colors could be the same with a different brightness or with a static color.
The second line should also scale itself and should not be related to the other score line due to huge score differences.

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resettet itself <.<

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please ignore - test only

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I think it would also be useful to have a simple checkbox that could switch between normal and exploratory scores, as the "best score" value. It's been difficult to manage both at the same time. Some scripts have been really good at achieving great exploratory scores by just messing everything up, being quite deleterious to the normal score. To be able to switch back and forth. Another work around would be to incorporate the normal score into the exploratory score via some algorithm.

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this was fixed to some extent


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