Top Soloists This Week and Top Evolvers This Week reporting incorrect scores

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Opened on:Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - 00:38
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The Top Soloists This Week and Top Evolvers This Week rankings are actually showing the summations of the scores of every puzzle ever worked by the player as soloist or as evolver.

It's actually a nice little trip down FoldIt memory lane. You can see that the names of the long-lost greats like DisposableHeart and g_s are still high in the rankings, in spite of being AWOL for years.

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Kind of fun, actually.

Maybe we need that metric, just for historical purposes of course.

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Thanks for catching this bug, we'll fix it soon!

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Should be fixed now.

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Solo monthly scores are still way out.

And team and global solo, as well.

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What do you mean by 'way out'? They don't appear to be counting all puzzles.

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Weekly scores seem correct, so that's good.

Monthly scores should date back to 02-03-11 as the first scoring day, so should include 402 to 406 only.
My monthly score is shown as 1430, but is actually 391. For Mark = 1561 v 419, groover = 1211 v 352
and boots = 1169 v 345. Obviously, website totals are 'generous' for only 5 puzzles.

Group monthly, again - A Dreams is shown as 1473 (should be 435), Contenders 1423 (should be 361).

Total scores should date back to 02-12-11 as the first scoring day. My total solo is posted as 2114, when it should be 1973. At 23-00 GMT tonight (31st March), that should decrease to 1892, as puzzle 383 falls out the scoring window.

It's why I set this to low priority, but there are clearly gremlins still in there somewhere

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383 fell out of the window, scores didnt automatically adjust

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This has been resolved. But I would still like to see an "all time scores" page. And not *just* because I will be #1 or #2 on that list, due to sheer longetivity. :-)

Maybe I'll submit a suggestion. :-)


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