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The intro puzzles we have all learned from. They taught us all how to play the game. but beyone the intro puzzles there are no mid to advanced tutorials. there is not even a masters class on global. without being on a team new players have no instruction guides or solutions to work on or use as an exampal. nothing to look at and compare. no instruction in advanced banding, or hand pulling and rebuilding, or advanced aa, or secoundary structures.
There has been a lot of talk of how a open evo gets walked and how it could be used as a guide or how people might copy it as a solo. these are all good learning experiences to learn when you first start playing. the new players open evo will not be a viable winner it well only advance the learning curve for everyone especialy new players and give experianced players a place to show and tell.
Then with basic skills new players can move onto the teams in their own time, when they are ready, with experiece and advanced folding skills, and not be so rushed into groups

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