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Recently Anthropic Dreams, an "Open" team, removed a team member for cause.

That ex-team member moved on to another team, and uploaded 50 of our group scripts into his new team. Our team was unaware that this was even possible until he did this.

The storm that has followed has not been pretty, or complimentary to most of the participants - many people have said things that they shouldn't have (including myself).

Under the current structure, what he did was possible - slimy, but allowed under the structure.

It seems that the admins have some decisions to make here. There have been lively discussions and forum posts about the future of as scripts are starting to predominate. We have many talented people who take the time & effort to script, often in collaboration with people who have ideas but not the knowledge to do their own scripting. Many folders believe that those scriptwriters have the right to choose who they will share their scripts with (and structure supports that).

Often, in a team, scriptwriters will test their scripts on the team to debug so that when they upload to global, folders are getting a polished script. Many times, scripts are a collaborative effort between the writer and other team members, so writers will choose to share with team only (in the competitive atmosphere that promotes with the team structure).

This feedback is not to debate the pros & cons of scripts or where they should be posted - there is a great forum post that does that ( It is to point out some major inconsistencies in structure.

First - we have a team system (that players can choose to participate in) where you have 4 options for the type of team: Open, Moderated, Invitation & Closed. Second - you have 3 levels of uploading recipes: Self, Group & Global. Third - accepts lua for scriptwriting. So all of these things are endorsed by as they are all integrated into the structure of the game.

Unfortunately, the structure does not prevent someone from joining an Open team & uploading the group scripts into another team when they have left. That is a violation to the group scriptwriter's intent when they decide who to share with - under your structure. If this has been common practice and I've been unaware of it until now, then admins need to place a notation on the edit group page to reflect this, so that group managers and team members can make an informed choice.

If this is a bug, then it needs to be fixed immediately. There is no point in having an Open team if some folders, because they wish to explore scripting, are afraid to join an Open team knowing that their semi-finished work, or the collaboration with teammates, will walk away with the first malcontent - to be shared beyond what they have designated within the current structure.

If you are not ready to change the types or structures of team play, or to change the allowed methods of sharing, I would hope that you can find a way to wipe the clients of all group recipes when someone has left a group.

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I find it interesting that the only contribution to your referenced thread in the forum by a admin is that they think we don't share enough.

That seems to fly in the face of being protectionist about the recipes.

Also, as I pointed out in the other thread about this, unless the recipes are written in encrypted mode, it is very easy to copy the text out of the macro files to preserve it or to use it by pasting it into a new recipe whenever and wherever.

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reducing the over heated compitition between teams might be a good thing. control scripts if you can... share scripts if you cant. but please do something.

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As long as a person can copy and paste a script to wordpad or notepad and save it for later, there is no point (or anyway I can see) in trying to fix this.

Maybe all scripts should be global. Then no problem.

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This issue was discussed in the recent chat:

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answered by Seth Cooper


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