bullying should not be a part of foldit

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what has happened, happened for many reasons, and all of it was wrong. let it go. this is science not animal house. can we get back to the game now without rude and bullying behavior ?

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thanks vickie for your insite. yes you are right it was a difference of opinion on global, i was refering to what had happened befor and for a long time when i was on the team. i was personaly bullied by some members of the team as were a few other players on the team. after many talks with aunty it was still not resolved and i tried to leave the team without conflict.
the thing with the scripts was not my doing, and i made the mistake of asking the ADs to please not blame the go science team for the actions of a another person who had just joined the team. this is certainly not djp s fault, or the go science teams fault, or was it mine, i had nothing to do with the posting of the scripts in question. in speeking up i seem to have drawn others anger and disdain.
Fold it would seem to me to ba a much better place without all this conflict all the time, something needs to be done to provent this from happening again. thank you vixxy for your opinions may we be able to find a better way to fold together in peace. thank you please comment

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Re: itskimo

Given the recent controversy regarding group-specific scripts, part of me now understands why some people would prefer to settle the issue for once and for all by requiring all scripts to be shared publicly... but do you think there's a solution to prevent history from repeating itself without going this far?

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RIP kimo we miss you - closed


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