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Opened by:Seagat2011
Opened on:Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - 09:30
Last modified:Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 04:48

running a recipe with segment information showing aborts global wiggle.

Proof of Concept: Hover over a segment, press TAB key, then run recipe.

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I wonder if this is recipe specific? Anecdotally, interrupting any script that uses bands may crash. Some automated rebuilders also. But if this is puzzle specific to 405, it may be hardware related. It seems that with any of the 'fixed structure' puzzles, like the recent Interface series, any shake or wiggle affects the whole structure, chains and backbone and all, but anything that is fixed then has to be subtracted out. Since 405 is so large, and the workable section so small, explains why wiggling takes so long. But, added to this, running any recipe with the segment info open severely slows down anything you do, whether it's a script or a wiggle. Hence I wonder if this is ultimately a hardware issue.

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Hey CFC! Yes, it could be hardware, but I actually noticed it the other way around: Showing segment information makes the recipe go faster. Blazingly fast! Although Shake() and wiggle_sidechains takes the usual amount of time. Most of my recipes use a do_gobal_wiggle (1) operation, so when it skips an iterations - I quickly notice.

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But it might be faulty hardware if I'm the only 1 experiencing it.


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