Translatable Foldit Again

New version of Foldit was released. It addresses all the issues related to the translation module that caused crashes on Windows in Europe. Hopefully this will be much more robust. It also makes it much easier to translate Foldit.

Translation works like this now:

1) Download template

Translate the strings

Save the file as foldit.[language_code].po in resources/locale with UTF-8 encoding

add following to options.txt
"language" : "[language_code]"

run foldit

French and Russian are already included. So to run Foldit in Russian just add to options.txt
"language" : "ru"
and for French add "language" : "fr" to the options.txt file (info on where to find that file is here:

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Foldit po polsku - Foldit in polish

Szukam kolegów (koleżanek?) do pomocy w tłumaczeniu :)

Looking for help in traslation :)

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The file is not up to date

The texts and order of the intro puzzle have change. This file is an old version of the intro puzzles.

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Good I`m not translated it already :)
Waiting for correct file then.

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I've posted an updated

I've posted an updated version that has the strings to be translated for the newest version at the URL above. The updated Russian and French versions can also be found at:

For anyone who would be able to update them. Thanks!

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This one is better :)
Order is changed... have to copy/paste party ;]

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Any tips for linux

I can't find file options.txt.

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file not working

I tried downloading the file, and it opens powerpoint and gives me an error message regarding illegal web page or something like that. Please help

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