Load predicted structure for freestyle puzzles

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It would be useful if the predicted secondary structures were pre-loaded at the start of the freestyle puzzles. I have noticed a few newer players who have no idea where to start with these types of puzzles. If the predicted structure was preset, as the puzzle loads, that would at least point them in the right direction as to what they should be aiming for. It would also save a little time for the players, having to change each segment manually, or wait for someone to post a structure-match recipe.

If you really want people to try and use the predicted structures, maybe this would also give them a little incentive to do so.

We all know that the prediction is open to interpretation, or can simply be ignored, so obviously this would still need to be changeable.


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Good suggestion, Mark-.

The fear with doing that is that (as you mentioned) we don't want people to only rely on the secondary structure predictions (since they are just predictions) but for new players that is probably a better start than all loop.

I'll try implementing that before the next freestyle puzzle.

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This has been implemented in the new freestyle puzzle: http://fold.it/portal/node/989362

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Just out of curiosity:

Would it be possible to go one step further by actually applying the backbone torsion angles of an idealized alpha helix to those segments that are predicted to be helices? This would make life easier for everyone by removing the need to rebuild each of those helices (especially for the newer players, who might wonder why rebuilding doesn't seem to work on those segments).

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with this prerebuilded helices the denovo wouldn't be a denovo anymore and the original idea of the freestyle puzzle (without the predicted ss) won't be the same.

I think the preloading of the predicted ss is enough.


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